Snapshots – day 1

You can view the full day on through storify here:

And part of the learning experience we are capturing snapshots of the lectures and workshops, you can download them here: 20131111_SDT_SnapshotsDayOne.

‘Design Leadership, time for new perspectives’ lecture with Mike Press.

Follow up on the reading in his post:

snapshots 2

snapshots 3


Session 3: Design Snapshots with Sarah Morgan, Louise Valentine and Hazel White.

Sarah Morgan talked about entrepreneurship, fashion, lighting and Biomimicry.

0870_001 (1)Louise Valentine, timelines and concept development, the making of the V&A Dundee.


Hazel White on Designing change/changing design. With a focus on her recent work with the Scottish government.



Session 4: Read, review and discuss – Waks, L.J., (2001). Donald Schon’s Philosophy of Design and Design education. International Journal of Technology and Design Education, [Online]. 11:1, 37-51






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